For years, I had traveled to Mexico with my family, discovering amazing items not being sold anywhere in the US. Elegant ceramics, delicate embroidery and rustic glassware--these were accents that fit squarely into a California aesthetic, if only people could have found them here.

These handmade Mexican items had another draw, too. They were lasting markers of communities that sometimes now struggled to exist, created according to traditions that were at risk of being lost. I was impressed by young designers throughout Mexico who recognized the richness of their past--and were determined to make it relevant for the present.

At the time, I was working for One Kings Lane on the vintage and artisanal team. I had gone from a buying position there to an editorial one, ending up in Integrated Merchandising. I had found my niche, it seemed: at the nexus of strategy, product and content, where what we were selling came together with the stories we were telling.

In JARDÍN 14, these paths have merged. I am now able to take what I've learned and apply it to the products, locations and makers I love--both in Mexico and beyond. In this, I am also able to share the incredible stories I've learned. Shoppers now view shopping as an experience. They are celebrating the idea of thoughtful purchases that require time to create and exploration to find. They view their homes as a reflection of their values and their selves. And they are making the choice to preserve objects that we can continue to pass on.

Flora + Fauna (my way of saying "this and that") highlights a few complementary personal projects which, together, form a well-rounded representation of the JARDÍN 14 world, aesthetic and lifestyle. In Objects of Meaning, I delve more deeply into the art of creating a meaningful home. Here, you'll find discussions of my own favorite pieces, as well as those of my friends. Meanwhile, Shop Saturday sheds light on a second aspect of my business--a pop-up market concept and design service launched in collaboration with a former colleague. Lastly, A Year of Plenty takes the tenet of mindful living to the table in a cooking project I've embarked on with my husband.

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