Shop Saturday is a co-venture with designer Lauren Feiner. We bring together our respective collections for pop-up markets and events created based on the season and location. With a shared affinity for global vintage and handmade goods, we strive to create retail environments that encourage more meaningful interaction between customers, makers and materials. Our belief is in both the one-of-a-kind find and the one-of-a-kind experience. In addition, we offer a menu of design services.



While _____'s focus is Mexico, we are working to expand our contacts throughout South America. Current sources include Spain, Sweden, Japan, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, France, Argentina and Morocco. Expect changing, country-driven capsule collections and trunk shows to come. If you are a business looking to create a unique brand aesthetic or incorporate commerce into your concept, contact us for an opportunity to work together.

Freelance writing and brand consulting is available, with a focus on companies in the fields of art, design, travel and hospitality. Our niche is at the nexus of product and content--where what's being sold comes together with the stories being told. We help brands grow their businesses effectively and with style--identifying opportunities for them in the market, finding their voice and helping them build a world of their own. See Emily's recently published travel guide to Panarea, Italy here: _____.