100% pure white copal hand-rolled by a family who has been making this incense for three generations. Sun-dried in the traditional manner, with no fillers of any kind. Because of this, each stick burns for approximately 2-2.5 hours, providing the purest form of copal smoke (considered by some to be premature amber). The scent is light, crisp and sweet. Enjoy it for its sacred and cleansing properties.

Made in a native community of the US using Mexican copal resin. Some consider copal premature amber; others refer to it as a sub-fossil. These glue-like resins are extracted from various tree barks. When burned, they deliver a mystical aroma which Natives call Sacred Smoke.

The word Copal, derived from the Nahuatl language Copalli, translates to incense. This natural smoke has been used for thousands of years by Natives and is revered for its healing properties. Today copal is used by various indigenous groups during ceremonies, blessings, meditations, healings and celebrations. Copal smoke used for medicinal purposes dates as far back as 3,000 BC, when it was believed to cure some illnesses. Most importantly, copal fumes protect oneself against sorcery, sickness, depression and misfortune. It is often used for cleansings and to bless new homes.

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