MATERIA highlights objects that interpret tradition in new ways, from designers and artisans throughout Mexico who are re-imagining handmade techniques for today. The collection honors modernist aesthetics and wabi-sabi style: slowly crafted, perfectly imperfect, and with simple, sculptural forms. Each piece employs timeless materials yet is ultimately ephemeral, made by hand in communities that often struggle to exist, produced according to processes at risk of being lost.

MATERIA translates as "area of study," speaking to the history, skill and stories behind each piece. The studio is based in Los Angeles, where a rich Mexican visual culture blends seamlessly with pared back Eastern ideals for living.



MATERIA supports ethical supply chains and, whenever possible, the re-purpose and reuse of resources and goods. In addition to branded items, we also provide a curated selection of vintage and market finds.

If you'd like to collaborate, please  drop us a line. We offer sourcing, wholesale and product design, as well as editorial and content creation.