MATERIA highlights products that interpret traditional materials in new ways, from designers and communities throughout Mexico who are re-imagining artisanal techniques for today's lifestyle. It celebrates the unique, the imperfect and the ephemeral, embracing the richness of the past to inform design of the present.

Favoring a simplicity of style, MATERIA's focus lies on material, form and technique. Objects are handmade by communities that often now struggle to exist, produced according to processes sometimes at risk of being lost. Our name translates as "area of study," speaking to the history, skill and stories behind each piece.



MATERIA supports ethical supply chains and, whenever possible, the re-purpose and reuse of resources and goods. Mexican brands featured include Angela Damman, Caralarga, Colorindio, David Pompa, Lagos del Mundo, Onora Casa, Mexchic and Roseann Hall. In addition, we curate select vintage and market finds.

We offer sourcing, wholesale and bespoke product design, as well as editorial and content creation. For inquiries, drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you.



MATERIA is located in Los Angeles, founded by creative consultant Emily Ellis Fox. The project explores cultural and temporal through lines, positioning classic pieces in new contexts and drawing inspiration from Emily's great-grandparents, who were figures in the Mexican Modernist movement.